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A patterned field with two plush boarders.
A subtle difference in border carpet accented with a carved edge makes an elegant look.
This is another Patterned field with plush boarders, but with richer colors and a more pronounced field pattern.
This rug was bordered with the same carpet as the field. The borders were mitered at the corners to give a subtle picture frame effect and then beveled. Another elegant look.
Here is a simple way to get some wow factor. The designer who sent us the order for this job gets an A+ for keeping it simple and making a great choice of materials.
This is a two-border rug inset onto the carpet that would become a wall-to-wall installation. The borders were shaped to mirror the shape of the sky light just above the rug.
Here is a two-border rug with concaved corners on the inset border. It is a nice way to add just a little flair to your rug.
This two-border rug uses a flowered pattern in the center. Notice how the designer accented the colors inside the flowers with the border colors.
Here we have a standard octagon and an elongated octagon. Adding simple shapes can customize rugs that would otherwise look rather dull.
Here is a two-bordered carved carpet that was shaped to fit around a fireplace.
This designer added a little extra punch to this two-bordered rug with concaved corners by adding a hand carved seashell in each corner.
Here we used an elegant patterned field carpet bordered with a coordinating shag border.
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